This is a reply to the many ladies telling me they are looking for a husband.
Some were even willing to start a relationship with me although I am married as so did they say “I can see you are a good man”.
But I would not be that anymore if I would react on that wouldn’t I.

I will be very raw and sincere with you.

Do not worry about the size of a man’s arm muscles or breast but worry about the size of his heart and brain. Worry about the size of his love and brains for after 5 or 10 years, it will not be about muscles anymore.

Don’t go around asking any man are you willing to marry me, as some do.
Believe me, you are throwing yourself away, and in this way you will never find a good husband.
Instead wait on the Lord. He has a perfect partner for you. Be patient!

As you can see, when men get older they change. Some will have a little belly in a few years time. Some will loose their strength, while others will become much thicker than they are now. So don’t choose a partner purely on outward looks.

It is more important to find a man that you will still be living together happily with her over many years.
We are now 35 years married and I still love love my wife and I know she still love me.

Be careful of a man that loves money. Or a man that ‘every time’ talks about new gadgets and luxury things.

Marriage is not all about these things. Without all these things a good marriage will still stand but without love, no marriage can stand.

When I got married to my wife, I didn’t have a luxury car or house of my own. But I had dreams and she appreciated and support me.
Any man that does not support your dream is not worth thinking-a-minute about.

There are men that will see your
dreams even better than you yourself, and you are lucky if you find one.

Open your ears very well, there is a kind of man you should avoid, do not make the mistake to marry this kind of man or you will regret it.

I mean a man that always has bad things to say about everyone.
If you see this kind of man, run away.

One of the worst kind of man you can marry is the one that complains about everything.
If you buy this, he says you should have bought that, if you do this, he said you should have done that.
Please stay away!

Most men enjoy talking, but the one who talks for two hours and listen for two minutes is a potential ‘bomb’.

Be wise. Be very careful of a pretending partner.

A pretending man is not hard to know. He will always know everything about everything, he will be careful.
Just close your eyes and open your
heart and you will see!

No man is perfect. If you see a man who believes in your dream, who respects you, who is committed and who is not all about himself alone, then don’t let him go.

But remember, you must not be a wayward woman.
If you find a good man but you are a bad woman, you won’t have a good marriage!

I won’t pick a man for you but I have given you my advice. When you find him, don’t loose him.

May you find a man that will increase you, not decrease you.

Of course the same advise also counts for man looking for a partner.

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