God’s answer

God’s answer is often different from what we expect.
In Psalm 138 is one who had a hard time in this world; apparently he had a cross to carry, which was very heavy for him. Then he called out to God. Of course he prayed for the cross to be taken away. And if he then says that God answers him, we might think that God has taken away the cross from him.
But that didn’t happen. We read: “You have answered me: You have strengthened me with strength in my soul.”

Not the reduction in burden he hoped for.
But an increase in power,
which apparently God considers of greater significance.

Maybe we have some kind of cross to bear too.
We asked, “Lord, take it from me.”
God may answer us differently than we expect.
Maybe He will let the cross remain.
But if He increases our strength, then He has answered.

Psalms 138:3 NASB
On the day I called,
You answered me;
You made me bold
with strength in my soul.

x O x

Do not weigh your cross and your troubles complaining and measured according to your own measure.
Remember, God weighed them first, before they are imposed on you, and they are calculated, and measured for your strength.

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