True or False

Today I want you to pray sincerely over this. Because many of you have been giving me nasty names like prick, dickhead, fool, moron, and many, many more, that I don’t want to repeat here as I might get problems with the admins.

I would ask you to pray because there’s so much going on these days, so much, that you don’t understand yet, but I’ve been preaching it to you anyway. And I hope to be able to do so for a longer time.

I’m preaching like a dying man.
I’m preaching to dying men and women and youth. 
And every time I have opened my heart to you and preached to you as if it was my last chance, like I could never preach to you again.

I told and will tell you things that you misunderstood and will misunderstand.
I told and will tell you things that made and will make you so angry with me.
I told and I will tell you things that you denied and will deny. 
I told and I will tell you things of which you said and will say that I have no right to tell you what I’m telling you.


Before you come to any conclusions about what is being said I want you to ask yourself one question.

Is it true?

You see, preaching is a very dangerous thing.
It’s dangerous for me, because the Bible says that teachers will undergo a greater condemnation when bringing a wrong message.

If what I tell you is not true, then I’m in a great deal of trouble, and so I have every right to do this with fear and trembling.
But if what I told you and what I tell you is true, then you’re the one with cause for fear and trembling.

Because, if what I said and say is Biblical correct, then I gave and am giving it to you, as if God was and is speaking through a man.
And so if you have problems with it, your problem is not with me, it is with God.

The only question which you really have to decide is, is this man telling us the truth? 
And if it is the truth than nothing else matters, except conforming our lives to the truth.

Whatever you do or decide, I urge you to follow Jesus! No matter what others may tell you, Jesus is the ONLY way to the Father!

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