God’s ways

Isaiah 55:8 NASB
For My thoughts are not your thoughts,
Nor are your ways My ways,”
declares the Lord.

“It will be best for you to be admitted to a sanatorium”.
At that moment you hardly realize the meaning of these words of the doctor.

Only when the door of the large doctor’s house slams behind you, the full gloomy contents sink in.

Many know what it means to receive a disappointing message from the doctor.
A message that leaves a mark on a period in your life, or sometimes on the whole of your life. It may happen that this suddenly cuts through your ideals or plans.

How difficult it is to learn to say, “Father, what you are doing is good.”
The big “why?” comes sooner over your lips. I remember that during a church service, we had to sing the song in which the lines appear:

Your ways seem dark to me,
see, I’m not asking you why.

I had to stop when we got to these lines because I had had a tough time the night before and still asked, “why?”

How fortunate it is that in such moments we may, like David, seek our help from the Lord. For we know from God’s Word that He hears us when we cry out to Him, that He is near to the broken-hearted and redeems the slain in spirit (Psalm 34).

He also wants to help us to change the simple “why?” to “for what purpose?” !

Isn’t it true that we are actually calling God to account when we ask Him “why?”
Do we think enough about who He is and who we are? When God showed Job who He was, the mighty Creator of heaven and earth and of all living things, Job’s answer was, “I am too little, what should I answer You? I put my hand on my mouth.”
(Job 39:37).

Let’s act like Job.
It is often not easy to learn to accept the path that God takes with us. And when the going gets tough, even the question may arise, “Does God love me?”

May I take you in your mind to the hill of Golgotha?
What happened there is the greatest proof of God’s love for you and for me.
There His only Son, the Lord Jesus, was nailed to the cross in your and my place. Can a greater love ever be conceived?

God gave his Son!
The Lord Jesus willingly bore the punishment I deserved.
Let us remember often that God gave what He loved most, in death for us, and that the same God, in His great love, governs our lives.

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