Two worlds

A believer who was riding in a car with another believer noticed that the driver gave way remarkably often.
Here it was a pedestrian, and there it was a cyclist getting right of way, and moments later he gestured to a motorist who turned out to be in a hurry: go ahead…

The other asked why he was driving so very quietly.

He said, “Oh, this is their world …
They don’t have anything else; and they have so little time;
death is on their heels …
They have to enjoy themselves as much as possible, and bring in what they cannot take with them anyway; and then it’s over.

And then comes the judgment of God.
I always feel so sorry for them that I like to give them those few minutes … “

Thus the conversation came to that other world, the invisible world, but which is the real one, the permanent one, the eternal one.

What a privilege to be able to have that certainty of being able to live there, and to be able to live for it now.

A Christian’s life is like a sponge full of dirt; when it enters running water, all that dirt washes out, and only the sponge, which is pure, remains.

How important not to have this earthly goal in life; nor heaven far away, and in the background.

When our lives are filled with the Christ, and everything that is connected to Him, only then does life have value.
Incredibly poor is anyone who does not have the Christ as Savior,
Incredibly poor is anyone who is still uncertain about eternity, while that can begin for you any minute.

Going into eternity, still undecided?
Then you go into eternity empty-handed;
Then you come before God’s throne without the Christ as Mediator, this means eternal judgment.

Today God still gives us the opportunity to turn around.
With sincere repentance and confession of sins for everyone who lives on unconverted; and for a whole new commitment to Christ for every Christian.

To each of us the Savior says:
“My son, my daughter, Follow Me!”

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