Q&A – Pornography (3 of 3)

How to Deal with Your Sexual Addiction;
pornography, cybersex, phone sex, masturbation, etc.

The Heart of Man

Our hearts are the source of all evil.
We cannot change that on our own.
We need to be cleansed and renewed by Jesus.
Mark 7:14-23

The human heart (2 of 9)

It may appear startling to say that man’s heart can be symbolized in the way shown in this first picture.It does not refer, of course, to his physical heart, that marvellous organ of the body which beats so faithfully some 50,000,000 times each year of a man’s life and pumps its life-giving blood throughout the… Continue reading The human heart (2 of 9)

A healthy calf

In the guestbook of a guest house, a guest had written: “Health is the greatest treasure.With a little sunshine … That’s how I had it here! “ But another had written underneath: “Health with good weather is only half;then you have nothing more than a healthy calf! “ Yes, that last guest understood that a… Continue reading A healthy calf