Who can be saved?‭ (2 of 2)

Mark 10:26 AV
And they were astonished out of measure,
saying among themselves,
Who then can be saved?‭

That we should be saved is man’s need.
And the biggest mistake he makes is that he means so often
▪︎ that he later on will be able to make it right with the Lord God, to gain access to His Kingdom.
▪︎ that if one does not live too badly, gives everyone their own, and is as honest as possible, that everything will be okay.

But in the school of the Lord,
▪︎ where we learn to see who we really are,
▪︎ where we learn to lose all self-righteousness,
▪︎ where we stand naked before God,
▪︎ where we come poor, and miserable, and lost before the Lord,
is that question a frightening question: Who then can be saved?
After all, then we no longer have any works of our own that can exist before God.

But then there is the glorious word of the Lord Jesus: “It is impossible with men, but not with God.”
Yes, we may learn from the Holy Spirit, that being saved from within ourselves is an absolute impossibility.
We must yield to the Lord and His grace, knowing that we have deserved death and destruction, but only through His mercy and grace can our access to the Father be unlocked.

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