Hell is real (2 of 2)

Mark 9:48 AV
Where their worm dieth not,
and the fire is not quenched.‭

The Bible deals fairly with us!
It speaks to us of both heaven and hell.

Most people don’t like to hear about the latter.
Even theologians don’t want to hear about this.
They will tell you that hell is a way of purification, and that eventually all people will be saved.
Don’t believe any of this!

The Scriptures plainly speak to us of a place where the fire is not quenched, and where the conscience of the wicked always gnaws,
▪︎ because in life he has not reacted on the call of God,
▪︎ because in life he has not accepted, but ignored the invitation from God.

Scripture tells us that we will go to hell!
▪︎ Unless life from the Lord is found in us.
▪︎ Unless life from above is found in us.
▪︎ Unless we are born again.
This is a most serious matter!

▪︎ Is this life found in you?
▪︎ Is that fellowship with the Lord found in you?

The Lord does not receive anyone into His glory, unless he is washed in the blood of the Christ.

If that is not yet the case with you, make haste for the sake of our life, so you too, by grace, may one day enter into His eternal glory, and not because of your own fault see eternal destruction instead of joy and life.

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