Herod feared John (2 of 2)

Mark 6:20 (AV)
For Herod feared John,
knowing that he was a just man and an holy,
and observed him;
and when he heard him,
he did many things,
and heard⁵ him gladly.‭

Herod struggled with John the Baptist.

● On the one hand, he wanted to get rid of him.
This wonderful preacher told him exactly why: Herod was not allowed to live with his brother’s wife. But Herod did not want to hear that. He sought to kill John and put the messenger of God in prison.

● On the other hand, Herod could not get away from it.
He visited John in prison and listened to him.
He also did many things that John told him.

But one thing he didn’t do.
He did not break with Herodias.
He was entangled in her nets, held by this sin, he could not break with sin, but he could not let go of John either.

How many there are who are like Herod. Perhaps also among us?
They would love to hear a sermon calling for repentance, and it cannot be serious enough (preach it brother!). They do listen, gladly even.
But woe when it gets too personal. Because one thing they don’t want to do, and that is to break with sin, certainly not with that one sin that they enjoy so much.

Many like to hear John, but how necessary it is for the Lord Himself to make the Word so powerful through His Spirit that we can do nothing else than fall down before Him brokenhearted and make the choice for Him.

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