Look unto the Lord

Micah 7:7 KJV
Therefore I will look unto the Lord;
I will wait for the God of my salvation:
my God will hear me.

But as for me, I will watch for what the Lord will do. I will wait for God, who saves me. I know that he hears me.

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Therefore I will look unto the Lord
Therefore I will look unto the Lord as if no one else were before mine eyes.
We must not only “look unto the Lord,” but also “wait for Him.”
Having no hope from man (Micah 7:5,6), Micah speaks in the name of Israel, who herein, taught by chastisement (Micah 7:4) to feel her sin (Micah 7:9), casts herself on the Lord as her only hope,” in patient waiting (Lamentations 3:26).
She did so under the Babylonian captivity; she shall do so again hereafter when the spirit of grace shall be poured on her (Zechariah 12:10-13).

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I will look unto the Lord.

Micah expresses great sorrow at the apostasy and disobedience of his people. Judgment surely will follow. However, who is Micha’s expectation now? Hear how he confesses, “But I will look to the Lord, I will wait for the God of my salvation …”!

Even though he knows that God’s judgments are inevitable, he will still look. Still hope. Still he has the longing for the moment when God – according to His promise – will rise to have mercy on His people.

Micah is not ashamed in his expectation.
The Lord has come and has provided complete redemption in the Christ.

However, there may still be expectations today.
The expectation that you are looking for the Lord, that He will reveal Himself to you personally in Christ. But also, in these days of apostasy and spiritlessness, He will reveal Himself to the church and the people in renewal and will prepare everything worldwide at His last coming.

I will look.
That is the intimate expectation of faith, which God’s Spirit awakens partly through the preaching of the Word. Then you too can confess: My soul expects Him, and I hope for His Word.

In the midst of the degenerate condition of his people, Micah has only one view: the Lord. He realizes that human help does not help. Politicians’ creativity falls short. Here only salvation helps, here only intervention from above helps. Micah focuses on the horizon, on the future. He waits for the Lord, being sure that God will hear his prayer.

He prayed for all the people.
Although he speaks very personally and warmly about ‘my’ God and the God of ‘my’ salvation, it is clear that he does not just pray for himself. Micah here gets something from the high priest, who carries the people on his heart and remembers them before God in intercession.
Jesus Christ is our praying high priest. He carries His people on His heart.

My God will hear me.
Can we repeat that, say that with Micah?
We can only do this…
▪︎ When we have consciously come to know God in the daily association of our souls with Him.
▪︎ If we are used to discuss all our circumstances with Him.

After all, we profess to believe in a God who answers prayers, don’t we?
Surely we are not fooled by what unbelief says, that God is too big and too high to interfere with our small lives?
We will not let that belief be ignored, that He can descend to the smallest, precisely because He is so great.

After all, what we call great is just small in His eyes.
After all, we insist that the word of God is truth: Not even a sparrow can perish, without your Father knowing it, He does not forget you either. Pray (according to His will) and you will be given.

When Micah confidently assures, “My God will hear me!” then this is in full certainty that God is his God.

He is so tender and so close to him that he even wants to teach him to pray according to the divine will, to be sure that God will give him the prayer that he has prayed from him.

Have you already decided to full heartedly follow Him?
Then walk in His way, the way of obedience.
On the road that leads, in security of faith, to His Kingdom.

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