Disputes between brothers

Hosea 5:10 NASB
The princes of Judah have become
like those who move a boundary [stone].
On them I will pour out My wrath like water.

The leaders of Judah are like people who rob. Like those who have robbed land. So God will punish them very much, because He is angry with them.

Deuteronomy 19:14
You shall not move your neighbor’s boundary mark,
which the ancestors have set,
in your inheritance which you will inherit
in the land that the Lord your God gives you to possess.

Love is gone. The brothers of the same house no longer live together. They have caused each other much suffering. Hear the trumpets sound! Call to battle, a brotherly dispute. The help of foreign powers has also been sought, but nothing will be able to save the critically ill people. For it is the LORD who tears apart and takes away like a lion.

Do you notice, how it is among us, how there is today also a lot of fighting among brothers?
Also in the churches we lovelessly declare war on each other.
Some even dare to call it a “Holy War.”
Yes, Christians have also sinned heavily.

“It’s a good thing He’s been kicked out of the church,” and “It’s a good thing he’s no longer allowed to speak.” I sometimes hear people say about me.
“I got crazy from his constant preaching about the need for repentance, I really didn’t want to hear that anymore!”
“Yes,” says the other, “And then again and again quoting that God’s Kingdom is near … Well that will really not happen in our days. We still have time enough..!”
“Haha, if you will say that to him, he will start with ‘Open your eyes, look around’ and you’ll get another sermon from him. I’m glad he is gone!”

That’s how they think. And yet .., and yet that is still my message!
Just as Israel had to return to God, so have we!
And just as Israel was punished for their sins, so will we be punished if we don’t return to God!
Why would you be so foolish to choose death instead of life?

The judgment of God is: the brotherly dispute!
And this mutual struggle will continue, until we acknowledge our guilt and seek God’s face.

Will the churches set out to go together?
Yes! But only on their knees,
and only to the Lord!

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