You reap what you sow

Luke 6:43‭-‬45
Jesus said, ‘Good trees only make good fruit. Bad trees only make bad fruit. In this way you can know if a tree is good or bad. You can know this by the fruit that the tree makes. Figs and grapes do not grow on thorn bushes.
People are the same. A good man keeps good things in his mind. In his life, he brings those good things out from there. But a bad man keeps bad things in his mind. He brings those bad thoughts out from there. It is like things that he brings out of a room where he keeps them. When a person speaks, his words show what really is in his heart, what really is in his mind.’

In Dutch we have a saying which translates to “The mantle of love covers all things”.
I’m not sure if there is an English equivalent for it, but we sometimes say this, when something bad is covered up for others.
In fact it happens all too often. It hides something bad from the eye. Yet we know from Jesus it will all come to light sooner or later. And then?

Luke 8:17 AV
For nothing is secret,
that shall not be made manifest;
neither ‭any thing‭ hid,
that shall not be known and come abroad.‭

Moody said once:
A cruel Eastern ruler sends his servant to the land to sow barley.
The servant obeys his master, but instead of barley he sprinkles oat seeds on the field.

At harvest time, the ruler inspected his field.
No, he exclaims, explain that to me, didn’t I tell you to sow barley?
The servant does not blush and said, master, you sow the seed of evil in the world all the time, yet you expect to reap the fruit of virtue on the day of the resurrection. That’s why I thought that if I sowed oats, I would soon be harvesting barley.

What are you sowing?
You reap what you sow!


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