Present ‭to the Lord

Luke 2:22
And when the days of her purification (cleansing)
according to the law of Moses were accomplished,
they brought him to Jerusalem,
to present ‭him‭ to the Lord;‭

Here we read again of a Jewish precept to which the Christ was subjected. He came under the law. That’s how Paul writes it in the letter to the Galatians.

Mary and Joseph did everything that must be done under the law of Moses when a child is born (See Leviticus 12:1–8). Then they took Him to Jerusalem to bring Him to God, for the law says, “Every first son and every firstborn animal belongs to the Lord.”

It concerns the words as mentioned in:

Exodus 13:2
“Every first son in a family in Israel is Mine.
All the firstborn animals in Israel are also Mine.
They are my property. “

and Leviticus 12:6
And as the days of her purification for the son,
or for the daughter, will be fulfilled,
and she shall offer a one-year lamb for a burnt offering,
and bring a young pigeon, or turtledove, for a sin offering,
at the door of the tent of meeting to the priest.

( A question in between: If Mary, as taught in some churches, was without sin, why did she have to make a sin offering like everyone else?)

Other churches rightly speak of “received and born in sin.” And in that case a cleaning sacrifice is necessary.

The Christ made the great sufficient sacrifice for all believers on the cross. That is why we no longer need to make sacrifices in church.

His mother sacrificed two pigeons. The sin offering of poor people.
In this ceremony He is presented to God as the willing, the voluntary mediator. He is the only firstborn who will be sacred to the Father in every way.


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Twitter: Twitter: @SchoemakerHarry

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