The wedding dinner (1/8)

Matthew 22:1-14

Today and the coming 7 days I want to look with you into the parable of the wedding dinner that Jesus told us. I pray that God will open your eyes so you will see and learn that Jesus told us here much more than just a story.

Just before Jesus told this parable we read in Matthew 21:45-46
⁴⁵When the chief priests and the Pharisees heard His parables, THEY UNDERSTOOD THAT HE WAS SPEAKING ABOUT THEM. ⁴⁶When they sought to seize Him, they FEARED THE PEOPLE, because they considered Him to be a prophet.

Matthew 22:1
Jesus spoke to them AGAIN IN PARABLES, saying:

Although Jesus knew the thoughts of His opposers (they were wishing for an opportunity to catch him) He did not react on them, other than telling yet another parable. This time a parable of guests who were invited to a wedding feast.

We have an example here, to use in our own lives.
How often do we lose track when we are interrupted?
Jesus knew their thoughts, but did not react on them.
He also knew that they would not listen, not repent, but still add more sins and unrighteousness on them.

When we bring the Gospel, there always will be people and situations interrupting you, trying to confuse you, or to stop you from spreading the good news, that the groom is coming.
Don’t wake up the virgins, five of them are foolish anyway, but the others, just let them sleep. They apparently need their sleep.
When that happens, cry out louder than before. He is coming! Prepare yourself! Get ready to go with Him!

This parable represents the offer included in the Gospel.
Where the parable of the vineyard represents the sin of the rulers who persecuted the prophets, this parable shows that, but also the sin of the people, who generally neglected the invitation, like many today are neglecting, and ignoring the invitation in the Gospel message. Please don’t ignore the grace God is willing to give you, for if you do, you will later be so terribly sorry.

Their great ones were persecuting the messengers, just like these days the messengers who bring the real Gospel to the world are not receiving a warm welcome. (actually there is only ONE Gospel, all the other are false gospels brought by false teachers).

Matthew 22:2
²”The kingdom of heaven may be COMPARED TO A KING who gave a WEDDING FEAST for HIS SON.

The preparations of the Gospel are here represented by a feast which a king made on behalf of the marriage of his son. The preparations and provisions are made for the precious souls, who by grace and faith and grace became partakers of the new covenant.

Now understand that
▪︎ The King is God, a great King, the King of kings.
▪︎ The marriage is the marriage of His Son;
▪︎ The Christ is the Bridegroom.

To be continued.

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