Who’s pulling the strings?

Who’s in control?

That doll (a puppet) is as dead as can be. Of course you would understand that!
Yet there are times when it moves.
But that only happens when someone is pulling the strings.
Just look, strings on the feet, strings on the hands, even the doll’s head can move.

Who actually determines which movements that doll makes?
That is of course the man or woman who is in control.
It’s that simple. A child can understand that.

It may not sound fun, but all people are a bit like this doll.
They seem independent, because they go where they want and do what they like.
To other people, they sometimes seem very sensible and brave.
But the reality is a bit different.

Do you dare to ask yourself honestly what about you? Do you do what you want?
Do you feel like you are your own boss? Think about fashion, TV programs, etc.

In the Bible it is written about a man who felt like a slave to sin (Paul). He says quite frankly, “… what I want, I don’t do, but what I hate, I do; … the good I want, I don’t do; if I want to do good, evil is with me … “(Romans 7: 14-26).

Do you ever have that feeling?
You finally want to get rid of wrong things, e.g. alcohol or another addiction or of a wrong character trait … And it just doesn’t work, because it seems as if someone else is pulling the strings for you.

If you really want to change your life, you have to put the control over your life in the hands of someone who knows what is right. That’s the Lord Jesus. He would like to free you from the power of the devil; and it must, because He knows the devil always wants to pull you in the wrong direction: to sin, death, and hell. Yes, that’s Satan.

Anyone who repents, who asks the Lord Jesus to take charge, will change their life completely. He can give you the strength to live the way God wants you to.

Then you will receive forgiveness of sins and eternal life.
Then everything becomes new.

Give your life into His hand, and you will become a free person!

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