Faith in the Father’s Mercy (5/7)

Luke 7:9
Now when Jesus heard this,
He marveled at him,
and turned and said to the crowd
that was following Him,
“I say to you, not even in Israel
have I found such great faith.”


How great is your faith in the merciful Father?

One day on a highway, a bus was running at such a rate of speed that most of the
passengers were afraid. They feared for their lives.

One passenger, a boy at the back of the bus, lay fast asleep.

The man sitting beside him wakened the boy and said: “Wake up, son. Don’t sleep.
Our lives are not safe. Aren’t you afraid?”
The boy replied: “No, I’m not afraid; my father is the driver. He knows that I am with him, and he loves me.”

The faith of that little boy in his father drove away all fear and overcame all worry.

The world needs the kind of faith in God that the little boy had in his father.
Victorious living depends upon faith in the merciful Father, the loving Father of all people of every race, nation, and social condition.
Childlike trust in the measureless love of God helps us to possess a great and victorious faith.

Prayer suggestions

▪︎ Ask your heavily Father to help you to turn to Him in childlike faith so that you don’t become victims of your fears.
▪︎ Ask your heavily Father to help you to help you, so you will not be faithless, but believing.

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